Best Tours for Single Women

tours-for-single-womenTours For Single Women – for those interested in international travel.

One tour company makes it affordable, easy, and more enjoyable for you to see the world on your own.

Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) reports 42,000 solo travelers have already reserved through 2023 by taking advantage of one of our 30,000 single spaces—92% of which are free.  This is as of Nov. 2022.

One out of four OAT travelers explore independently.
85% of OAT’s solo travelers are women.
Groups are small – maximum 16 people typically.

30,000 single spaces—92% w/ NO ADDED SINGLES CHARGE.
The remaining 8% have the lowest Single Supplements in the industry.
Plus FREE Single Supplements on every trip extension and Stopover.

If single spaces are sold out on your preferred departure, there are other ways for independent travelers to save; such as OAT’s Roommate Matching Program.

Discount Code for Overseas Adventure Travel

I don’t work for OAT but I am a real fan of the company having taken 11 trips with them (and 2 booked for 2023).

The company does NOT advertise. They depend on referrals from happy customers (which is always the best advertising).

I am able to offer you a $100 (per-person) savings off the lowest cost for any land tour or cruise with Overseas Adventure Travel (or their parent, Grand Circle Travel which tends to be for older travelers).

Simply SAY YOU WERE REFERRED BY JESSE SLOME, #932019 when making your reservation.

I get a savings towards a future trip (but only once). Then you can start referring people and you’ll get the savings.

If you have any questions, you can email me at jslome @ aaltci dot org. That is my work Email.

Tours For Single Women

Overseas Adventure Travel has an enormous variety of tours to destinations across the globe. Visit their website to see the latest and the trending tours.

tours for single women

Here’s what I think you should know (tips from a frequent traveler).

Great Groups: Folks traveling with OAT are active, generally in their 60s and 70s. Lots of walkers and hikers. Well educated and frequent travelers.  You’ll find people who have taken 20 or more tours with the company.

Single Travelers Feel Part of the Group: Most tours that we’ve taken recently have had 2 + single travelers. Because the groups are small (16 max for land tours) everyone mingles and no one feels left out.

Excellent Value: If you want the best of the best, go with Tauck where you’ll pay more to stay in 4-star hotels and eat in hotel restaurants. OAT hotels have all been good (some actually GREAT). Often they are located in the heart of a city (where I want to be) versus on the outskirts where Westins are located.

Outstanding Tour Leaders: These are the folks who make or break any trip and ours have truly been outstanding.

A True Taste of Where You Are Going: Here’s where OAT excels and what I really like. They make special efforts to have you meet with local people and give to and get to know how people really live. Yes, that means we’ve seen poverty – but that’s part of the world. We’ve also had some of the most memorable home visits which are now the most memorable part of the trip. You’ll see the ‘sights’ that all tours cover. But with OAT, you’ll also meet the people.

Tours For Single Women; Tips & See OAT Tours

If you are ready to see what tours OAT offers, click the link below. But before you go, don’t forget to write down my name and traveler number to get that $100 first-time traveler savings. Thanks.
Jesse Slome #932019

Click to see Overseas Adventure Travel Tours

A few final tips for tours for single women from a lover or travel.

Read Traveler Reviews: When I’m considering a tour, I always read the reviews posted by prior travelers. They will give you a better flavor of the trip. And most will provide tips of what to bring and what not to bring.

Join People At Breakfast: People who take tours like traveling with other people. And breakfast is the best time to meet people — especially when there are gaps in the tour program (like free afternoons). Some couples will sit at tables for 4 and that generally means they’d welcome a single women asking to join them. Can’t tell you how often we’ve then invited them to join us on whatever we were doing to fill the free time.

Bring Less Clothing Than You Think: OAT tours are not fashion shows (unlike some other tour companies we’ve taken). People are passionate about travel experiences and very relaxed. Each trip we bring less and less. I share that because you are likely considering your first trip.


Grand Circle Travel Tours For Single Women

Grand Circle Travel (GCT) also offers no single supplement charge on their tours for single women. GCT is larger groups (big bus) and travelers tend to be older and less active.

That’s not a bad thing. But if you are active, you’ll do better with OAT. And, if you like a small group, nothing can beat the intimacy of a small group.

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