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Travel Dates: May 2012

Real affordable costa rica overseas adventure travelThe tour name said it all.  Overseas Adventure Travel offered a very affordable tour of Costa Rica, a truly fascinating country.  It really was a comprehensive tour – site seeing, adventure (Zip line ride), a ton of nature all lead by an excellent guide and providing an outstanding look at a country.  On the last day, I asked the guide how many miles we covered and he commented that we had covered some 700 (it was well worth it).


If you are considering a trip with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) or Grand Circle Travel (GCT), feel free to take advantage of the special savings.   When making your reservation, simply say you were referred by Jesse Slome (Customer Number 932019) and they will deduct $100 off the lowest available price.  This works just one time on your first trip.  We get just one credit as well towards a future trip (thank you).

MY TIP FOR TRAVELERS:  I am writing this in 2016 and undoubtedly some things have changed.  I find OAT’s sales reps are excellent and they will answer questions.  Some of the hotels were pretty basic and didn’t have the best wi-fi.  I suspect that’s changed quite a bit.  But with the importance of being connected today (not to me but to many) it’s worth asking.  As I mentioned above you will spend quite a bit of time on the bus.  It was never terrible but I brought along a couple of bags of nuts (Trader Joes!) and they were helpful and a hit with others.

Food overseas adventure travelWHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE COSTA RICA TOUR:  A couple of things.  First, this is a country of enormous natural beauty.  From flora and fauna to waterfalls, incredibly warm oceans to coffee plantations and more.  Every day was like visiting some new natural national park.


fresh mango Real affordable Costa Rica overseas adventure travelIf you like fresh fruit, then this was the tour to take because I ate more incredibly fresh mango than I’ve had in a lifetime.  Costa Rican food is simple and basic (lots of beans and rice) but I really enjoyed and the food was plentiful.  In fact, when I came home and looked at my photos and stood on the scale, I went on a diet and have since lost 20 pounds.

What I really enjoyed was learning about this country that is moving itself from abject poverty into the modern age.  They have universal health care and college for those who want it.  You’ll see vibrancy and how great is that to see.  Lastly, we stayed in some great little resorts.  Not 5-star by US standards but wonderful, unique and high quality (5-Star Costa Rican style) , and certainly enjoyable.

discount overseas adventure travel costa ricaPlease feel free to write to me with any questions.  Or, just to let me know that you’ve made a reservation and used my discount code.  Thank you.
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