Moroccan Sahara Odyssey – Overseas Adventure Travel

Moroccan Sahara Odyssey – Overseas Adventure Travel

Travel Dates: May 2009

Morocco Overseas Adventure Travel You want an adventure? You want something different? Spend a night or two in the Sahara dessert. Lay out on the sand at night and see a starlit sky unlike any you have ever seen. Walk the bazaar in Fez (I actually liked Fez more than Marrakesh) and see a part of the world few will ever visit.


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Morocco tour overseas adventure travelMY TIP FOR TRAVELERS: Go earlier in the year than we did (May 12-26). We were the last group to camp in the Sahara and these was good reason for that … the heat and the sun. There is no escaping it and while we clearly survived with great memories … BOY WAS IT HOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!

Sahara desert Overseas adventure travelThat said, what a great trip and what a unique adventure. I have camped overnight in the Sinai desert so I remember the night sky. I wanted a repeat performance and this did not disappoint. Neither did waking up early in the morning to see a lone camel walking just behind our tent. I guess that’s why they put camel crossing signs along the desert trails.

Overseas adventure travel MoroccoThis tour really gives you a fair and balanced view of the country and it’s people. From large cities where we had dinner with a family to visiting Bedouins who live in tents. If you want to be a hit, bring a bag of lollipops and you’ll be a hero to dozens of youngsters,

img_0732-copyAnd, in terms of shopping. We usually don’t buy items when we travel but we brought back a couple of great items from this trip, including a rug. TIP: Be prepared to bargain and bargain hard. If you travel as a couple, make sure you both agree on some coding so you know when you like an item but the merchant has no idea. Then bargain until they give in. It’s their national sport.