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Imperial China, Tibet & The Yangtze – Overseas Adventure Travel

Imperial China, Tibet & The Yangtze – Overseas Adventure Travel

Travel Dates: January 2010

china-coverseas adventure travelI couldn’t imagine seeing China in any other way (than a guided tour).  This is a huge country and to really see as much as you’d want to, you need a knowledgeable guide leader and this Overseas Adventure Tour really exceeded my expectations (with one exception, food … but that’s really easy to overlook).


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china overseas adventure travel discountsMY TIP FOR TRAVELERS:   Make the most of your free time.  Maybe it was our tour travelers or the guide but many people didn’t explore on their own.  But if you really want to experience a country, I believe you need to.  So, when we had free time in Beijing, I said I wanted to ride the subway.  Once the guide realized I was serious and a few others asked if they could join me … he agreed to guide us (which was helpful).  It’s a great system by the way.  We also went off to explore shopping malls and supermarkets.  If you really want to experience the real China, don’t just hang out in the hotel.  There was nothing like having young kids come up to touch my arms (they aren’t hairy by American standards … but apparently they are by Chinese standards).

img_0107WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE CHINA AND TIBET TOUR:  Pretty much everything.  You really cover the country and this is a BIG country undergoing huge transformation.  You see cities and rural countryside.  I loved spending the evening in a farmer’s home watching TV (he didn’t speak a word of English and I don’t speak Mandarin).  No worries, there is a universality among humans.  And, watching my wife do Texas-style line dancing with Chinese farm wives was a real hoot. You will cover an enormous amount and while it seems overwhelming, it wasn’t.  It was exciting and made the trip an incredible value.

Tibet overseas adventure travelAnd, Tibet … what a truly unique experience.  I could write 1,000 words and not adequately cover how much I enjoyed Tibet.  I would say this was really the highlight of our visit because it held so many unexpected surprises.  And, it was especially great to meet the people who real tibet overseas adventure travellive under Chinese repression.  Oh, by the way — this is a photo of the Potala Palace and be ready to climb up all the steps to gain access.  BUT, this is a not-to-be missed experience!

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